Providing the following Projects and Sites with Health and Safety Coordination:

Gas pipeline deviation from the departmental gas pipeline 30bar, in its own territory in two sections. Reconstruction of the Anhydro -2 dryer
• Fermentation and Filtration Installation

BIOVET AD manufactures its production at 4 production sites: in the cities of Peshtera, Botevgrad and Razgrad. The company also has production facilities in Macedonia.
The administrative management, the Institute for Research and Development and the main production facilities are located in the town of Peshtera.

BIOVET is a leading European manufacturer of feed additives, premixes, active substances and finished medicines for the treatment, prevention and improvement of animal health and productivity. The company develops intermediates and active substances for the pharmaceutical industry.

BIOVET also manufactures enzymes and enzyme complexes for use in animal husbandry for better feed absorption and better productivity.
The company strives to combine traditions and innovative spirit, focused on a full partnership with all its clients, the aim of which is to achieve efficient and profitable animal husbandry.