Aurubis Bulgaria

Providing the following Projects and Sites with Health and Safety Coordination:

• Overhaul - 2016;
• Overhaul - 2019;
• Replacement of a drying oven and repair of associated equipment;
• Dismantling and installation work for PTNN (Low Pressure Pneumotransport);
• Recycling of bunker part - 5th box
• Reserve anode furnace;
• Mechanical repair and modification of TP (melting furnace);
• Exhaust gas cleaning installation;
• Construction of a 700 tonne intermediate batch hopper.

The copper production plant of the Group is in Srednogorie region, Bulgaria. The plant was built in 1958 and it consists of four main production units: Smelter, Refinery, Acid plant and Flotation plant.
The main activity of the company is the processing of copper concentrates, the production of copper anodes and copper cathodes, as well as by-products such as sulfuric acid and fayalite.